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Rich Leighton Photography & Imaging

fine art photography. weddings. portraiture. events. commercial/residential architectural photography. photo restoration service. north american nature photography


Rich Leighton is a native Floridian professional photographer and owner of Leighton Photography & Imaging located in the Greater Seattle, Washington area. He splits his time shooting and specializing on outdoor/beach weddings and portraits in natural settings, and traveling the United States in a concentrated effort to photograph and preserve "the REAL America." Whether on location shooting the most extravagant of glamorous beach weddings, wading chest-deep in the swamps of the Florida Everglades or high in the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific NW, he shoots with Nikon professional cameras and is constantly in pursuit of photographic excellence.

"Nature is a big component of my work. When shooting on location - I find the exact point of harmony between my subject and our chosen natural setting and use that as my guide. I want the bride to look like she was born to be on the beach, not just a woman on a background. I want my wildlife to be as alive as the backdrop - not in contrast to it. I want my subjects to both enhance and be enhanced by the beauty of our natural world. This is the true essence of the art of photography."

Together with his wife and partner, Galina - they are the creators and sole contributors of the widely popular - started in 2006, it is a treasure trove of images, stories and articles about the natural history of the Sunshine State with a unique native point of view.
Professional associations and active memberships include Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the Kent Chamber of Commerce and Rich Leighton is the current vice president of the International Landscape Photographers' Association (ILPA).

Rich Leighton's work has been sold all over the world and has appeared in magazines, books, television, newspapers and other places from educational exhibits to retail stores. He is currently becoming more involved in writing for numerous venues and clients, and is now putting together ideas for his next writing project, following the success of his first book, "Native Orchids of Florida".


Fine art nature photography, beach weddings, outdoor portraiture, commercial/residential architectural photography, special events.

Call/email for availability nation-wide - (206) 304-4848 /

Architecture/Residential/Commercial Photography Client List:

Cellar Stocker

McCaw Hall

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Network After Work

Quest Integrity Group

Lachini Vineyards, LLC

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Joe Wynn & Associates

Jeff West Homes, Inc.

Transformative Wave

White Oak Construction, LLC

Lisa Johnson Real Estate

Carpenters Construction Co., Inc.

Highland Woods Golf & Country Club

Overlake Golf & Country Club

Avenue Eat & Drink

Georgio's Fine Dining

State Farm Insurance

Allstate Insurance Company

Nationwide Insurance

Progressive Insurance

Great Florida Insurance

Sunshine State Insurance Company

Clarendon National Insurance Company

Tim Shaw Insurance Group Inc.

Rich Leighton

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