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Hopefully you aren’t making the mistake of thinking you don’t need a professional to do your bookkeeping and accounting in your small business. Sure, your mother-in-law, (or that friend or family member that took “business math” in high school 20 years ago) means well and hopefully they are working hard for you, but how can you make sure that they really know what they are doing? Are you trying to do it all yourself? Would your time be better spent servicing your customers, promoting your business or training your staff, instead of being buried in paperwork? How can you be sure your bookkeeping and accounting is being done by an experienced, reliable professional without the expense of hiring an employee?
Outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to Contractors Bookkeeping and Accounting, Inc., right here in Auburn. When we started in business nearly 15 years ago, we specialized in bookkeeping for contractors, but today CBA services all businesses in all industries.
Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting is far more economical in today's world. When you calculate in the cost of hiring an employee (salary, payroll taxes, Social Security, benefits, additional office space and equipment) it is obvious that outsourcing, especially for small to mid-sized businesses, makes much more sense. Further, it is difficult to find workers who have the depth of experience and training we do, and even if you did, would you know how to manage them? If bookkeeping or accounting is not your trade, your staff bookkeeper or accountant could be making costly behind-the-scenes errors you might not catch, or they could be talking you around in circles and you wouldn't even know it. Your only recourse would be to fire them - then who is going to come in and clean up the mess? At CBA we take full responsibility to stand behind our work; you can know for sure it will be done right – or we will make it right.
“But I already HAVE a bookkeeping / accounting service.”
As a small-business person, you know how critical customer service can be. Your bookkeeping service is no exception – watch for these key signs:
- How many times do you have to call or email your bookkeeping / accounting service before you get a response?
- Does your current service keep your financial data securely available for you online, so you can access it 24/7 from anywhere, whenever YOU need the information?
- Can you ask a simple question and get a direct answer, without a lot of accounting geek-speak or (worse) “I don’t know, let me ask someone” type of doubletalk?
We are here for you and we DO return your calls and encourage you to ask us questions so you can make the best decisions possible for your Company. We have professional, experienced bookkeepers and CPA's in-house to make sure your accounting is done right the first time. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you!

Offices in Auburn and Kirkland.

Certified QuickBooks Advisor for last 19 years

As most business owners know, QuickBooks, the flagship product of Intuit Corporation, has become the standard for small business bookkeeping and accounting software. Unfortunately, just buying a copy of the program and installing it on your computer won’t make you a bookkeeper. QuickBooks Pro is rich in features - it automates every task involved in each step of running the finances of a business – it even manages your customer list and helps keep your customer contact info up to date. Because of this comprehensive approach, it can take quite a while to fully master it, and even longer to fully understand what all the features MEAN and what they are really for.
There are pros…and there are cons.
To separate the pros from the cons, Intuit Corporation offers an intensive, in-depth training plan called the “QuickBooks Pro Advisor Program”. It’s not cheap to take, but for professional bookkeepers and accountants, it is worth every cent. It’s designed to enable bookkeeping and accounting professionals to use the many tools and features offered by the program, helping them serve their customers rapidly and effectively. A graduate of this program is certified as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor – this certification is Intuit’s highest degree of professional training available for QuickBooks. The program also offers ongoing updates for graduates – helping them keep up with the changes in new versions of QuickBooks, to cope with the constant changes in bookkeeping, accounting and taxation procedures. Those who complete the course of study to become a QuickBooks Pro Advisor usually frame the certificate and hang it on the wall in their offices – as well they should; it is a status to be proud of.

Not your usual bookkeeper/accountant, we look at the entire company as a whole.
What you can learn about management from your Bookkeeper / Accountant.
These nicknames and countless others have been applied to bookkeepers and accountants over the years. When most businesspeople think of their bookkeepers or accountants they think of three things: paying bills, doing payroll and doing their taxes (none of which are particularly pleasant things). Yet if more business owners understood, in real depth, what their bookkeeping/accounting people actually do, they would appreciate this profession a little more. Most of the time, you think of your bookkeeper as that stern lady in bifocals with the pencil stuck in her tight gray hair bun, but think of this another way: there are probably few people more qualified to advise you on how to run your business than the professional doing your bookkeeping and accounting.
At Contractors Bookkeeping & Accounting, we are different from most outsourced bookkeeping services – it’s not just about paying bills, doing payroll and preparing taxes. Yes, we do all that, but there is so much more to it - we look at the whole company, not just the numbers. This is of great value to you as a business owner, because:
– We see all the money that comes in and all the money that goes out – we are very aware of your financial position at any given time. When you are managing day to day it is often difficult to keep all this in your head and “see the big picture”. Can you afford that new equipment? Should you hire more staff? Only your bookkeeper or accountant knows for sure.
– When you have a person you can trust whose particular job it is to watch out for your money, it reduces your stress level and lets you concentrate on servicing your customers.
– Although we do care a lot about our clients, we are OUTSIDE your company. This means we have an exterior perspective on your business…it’s easier for us to see problems because sometimes the owners are “too close to it” to fully understand what is going on.
– We are very knowledgeable about basic business processes - what things cost, interest rates, tax rates and the costs of doing business - in a wide variety of industries. We know how to analyze the figures and can suggest places where you could maximize profits, cut expenses, reduce your tax liability, manage your money well and lower your overhead.

So stop managing “by the seat of your pants” and start managing from your bottom line - give us a call today and let us help you manage, not only your books but your whole enterprise!

Affordable and reliable services for all of your business needs.

Virtual server that allows you to access your data anywhere 24/7 and you can do a portion of the work and we can oversee or do all or part of your accounting.
Advantages of high-tech bookkeeping services.
In today’s fast-paced business environment, the rapidity of information exchange is critical to your success. A hesitation, sometimes even a short one, can mean the difference between being able to take advantage of a big break or simply a lost opportunity. Knowing exactly where your financial position stands can be critical to judgment or decision-making in such situations.
We all know that outsourced bookkeeping and accounting is the most economical way for most small businesses to keep track of their finances, but the downside with many services is the access issue – how to get information when you can’t reach your bookkeeper or accountant. Can you reach them after hours, or on weekends?
At Contractors Bookkeeping & Accounting we have this problem solved. We keep all customer information on a secure, virtual server that is accessible to our customers online from our website. Once you are set up with an account there, you can access all your financial info 24/7 from anywhere you can get internet access.
The virtual server can also be used by your in-house staff…they can do as much or as little of your bookkeeping work as you wish, and we will do the rest.
The virtual server is especially valuable for business people that travel a lot, and need access to financial data while traveling. You can see all of your accounting information via your laptop from a hotel room, or from a secure terminal at your customer’s location. For airlines that allow it, you even get this info at 35,000 feet - on your smartphone.
Contact us today to see how our advanced technology can help you.

Contractors Bookkeeping & Accounting
(253) 833-3938

We are a full service accounting firm and are Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisors and can help in all areas of business.

Bookkeeping, accounting, Tax preparation & Quickbooks consulting

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